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Worlds Most Expressive API for building Disruptive Prop-Tech.

Smart API’s with future unicorns in mind. Unlimited property data and machine-learning out of the box. Designed for teams that want to shake up their industry.

Talk To a Data Expert

In just a few months, we were able to build from scratch a platform that now competes with a publicly traded company. That would’ve never been possible without the flexibility of the REAPI data warehouse.

T. Clark


Develop products and features that will wow your customers.

Interrogate the data

Whether you’re looking for needles or haystacks, our Search API lets you (and your customers) slice through mountains of data to find properties that fit the most strict criteria.

Build killer map apps

Get parcel boundaries in GEO JSON format. Implement quickly to design apps that render detailed info about clusters of properties dynamically. With zero latency!

Move beyond information to insight

With access to current and historical MLS, mortgage and lien data, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of every property in the country. Use it to train A.I. models that forecast what happens next.

Layer in property owner data

Our demographic datasets connect the home to the homeowner. Our contact database provides current phone, email and social media coordinates so you can reach a decision maker.

More Than Just An API


REAPI was purpose built for application developers like you. Our family of APIs does more than just fetch data. We’ve done a lot of work under the hood to ensure your app can retrieve and manipulate data in real-time, without sacrificing performance. We obsess over the gnarly details of cleaning, normalizing and transforming data so you can create engaging apps that users love.

Choose from a comprehensive offering of endpoints or ask our team to build you a custom endpoint with the complexity your app needs to set it apart from the competition.

Data Fetching APIs


Do more. Build faster. Spend less.


Enterprise Grade Performance

Retrieve tens of thousands of records with sub 1 second response times. 99.9% uptime.

A.I. enablement

When you’re ready to leverage A.I. for deeper analysis, train your models against our datasets to derive your own proprietary insights.


Developer Support

Need help thinking through your architecture? Hit us up directly. Or pop into our Discord. We love to nerd out on this stuff.


Stretch your budget

Half the price and 10x as powerful as any solution from a big box data provider.