Hey there! It's so good to meet you. We only discovered Rila recently. But we love what you've built.

From what I can tell there may be an opportunity for Rila and REAPI to collaborate. Since you're helping homeowners match to the properties that'd be best for them, I imagine your AI engine is churning through lots of property details to make those recommendations.

We have physical and financial details on 150M+ US properties. And we make that accessible via a lightning fast API.

FYI, we have a new generative AI API that's in beta. Given what you're doing I figured you'd be interested. Perhaps there's a way to leverage it in your recos. We call it PropGPT. You can check it out here.

Since UGC is not always reliable or consistent (esp from Realtors) perhaps we can help standardize and normalise that property data for you?

Would love to get you set up with a test API key and a free trial. Click the button below to set up a time for us to connect after iOi.

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